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Covid-19 Vaccination Centre Blizzard outdoor stands signage for GP surgeries, designated vaccine sites, and Pharmacies

Blizzard outdoor banner stand – £110+vat (excludes artwork and delivery – see below)

  • Ideal for promoting events and sales, as well as displaying general safety information. 
  • Great way of displaying social distancing and Coronavirus (Covid-19) related information.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Water-fillable base for stability. Base holds approximately 15 litres of water.
  • Includes 800x2000mm PVC banner with hem and eyelets printed on 440gsm PVC.
  • £15 delivery to one UK mainland address. 
  • Artwork £15-£20+vat per banner, subject to your requirements. A price will be confirmed once you have provided your artwork requirements.
  • Replacement PVC graphic £30+vat, plus £12 delivery to one UK mainland address.
  • PLEASE NOTE – This display stand should be taken down in winds exceeding 13mph.
As these stands are portable, the graphics suitable for outdoors, and the graphics changeable, they are a great way of displaying Coronavirus (Covid-19) information to your staff, customers, visitors or pupils, and updating with a new graphic as circumstances change. For internal options please visit the banner stands page.

Below are some designs you can choose from, options for both businesses and schools. However, as each business and each school is likely to have their own guidance, rules and procedures, bespoke designs to your exact requirements are also available. This ensures that you can display the exact message you require rather than using a generic design. Simply email karen@blocksdesign.co.uk or call 07818 058989 to discuss your requirements and we will confirm the design cost, which is usually in the region of £15-£20+vat per banner.

Bespoke signage is also available for both Coronavirus messages and everyday school requirements. 

Coronavirus Covid-19 Blizzard and banner stand designs
Blizzard outdoor banner stand with Coronavirus Covid-19 design for schools

Please email karen@blocksdesign or call 07818 058989 to order your Blizzard outdoor banner stand.

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