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Add some WOW to your walls with these silhouette signs

Silhouette wall signs for Schools and Nurseries

Music silhouette wall signage for schools

Silhouette wall signs create an impact wherever you position them. They are a great way to fill spaces on large walls in halls, corridors and sports halls. They can be produced at life size for large areas, or at smaller sizes for smaller areas, and are also available for outdoor display in playgrounds or outdoor work areas.

These silhouette signs always look fantastic, and the effect can be enhanced by fitting them to brightly painted walls as you can see on some of the examples shown. They are usually produced on a black material, however if you prefer, they can be printed a colour of your choice. You can choose from a variety of shapes and words to suit the area of the school EG children playing sports for the sports hall, music notes for the music area.

Produced on a rigid plastic material with fixings which make them stand of the wall just a little, these signs are supplied with a fitting template so can be shipped to your school and fitted by your Site Supervisor. 

If you would like a quote for silhouette wall signs for your school please email an image of the wall where the signage will be fitted, along with the size of the space available to karen@blocksdesign.co.uk Please also advise what type of images you would like, how many and any colour preferences, though black does seem more effective.

Music silhouette wall signage for schools
Silhouette wall graphic signage in a Primary School hall
Dance silhouette wall signage for schools
Wall graphic signage in a Primary School hall
Silhouette signs for school wellbeing area
Kiveton Park Meadows School silhouette signage

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