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Coronavirus (Covid-19) signage and graphics

Coronavirus (Covid-19) signage, banners and graphics will play an important role in providing staff, customers, visitors and pupils vital safety, hygiene and social distancing information as businesses and schools start re-opening. As modified working/learning environments and conditions are created, and new guidance is set, it will be important to display clear messaging for all to see, both indoors and out.

There are various options available to help you display your messages around your business or school. Outdoor signage can be used to inform people of social distancing rules within your business, or queuing instructions whilst waiting to enter. Schools can use outdoor signage to welcome children and remind them to wash their hands, or inform parents about drop off and collection rules. Outdoor signage options include the Blizzard banner stand, PVC banners, pavement signs, plus bespoke design and size signage.

Indoor signage options include banner stands, posters, floor graphics and stair graphics, plus bespoke design and size signage. 

A few standard designs are available, and these can be amended slightly to work better for you. However, as each business and each school is likely to have their own guidance, rules and procedures, bespoke designs to your exact requirements are also available. This ensures that you can display the exact message you require rather than using a generic design. Bespoke design signage for display indoors and outdoors is available in sizes, styles, colours and quantities to suit your needs. Simply email karen@blocksdesign.co.uk or call 07818 058989 to discuss your requirements.

Please note : The designs shown below are more business orientated. Child friendly designs for schools are also available and examples will be shown here shortly.

Click on the images below to find out more information about the products shown. For information about bespoke signage, or to place an order please email karen@blocksdesign.co.uk or call 07818 058989.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) signage options include

Banner stand with Coronavirus Covid-19 social distancing design
Banner stands
Pavement stand signs with Coronavirus Covid-19 social distancing design
Pavement signs
PVC banner with Coronovirus Covid-19 message
PVC banners
Deluxe queue system cafe barrier for schools and businesses
Queue barrier system

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