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Times table multiplication stair graphics for Primary schools

Contact us about Stair Graphics

If you are enquiring about stair graphics please complete the enquiry form below. We will then email you a quote.

    Tips for measuring your steps:
    When I have measured stairs in the past I have found that not all steps are the same size, so it is best to measure a few steps just to be sure. Where step sizes do vary, it’s a good idea to allow a little bit of ‘wiggle room’ with the measurements. For example, if the width of the step is 1200mm have the graphic at 1190mm, and if the height is 100mm have the graphic at 95mm. If the flooring forms a curve at the bottom of each step it’s best to measure to just above the curve so that the graphics are being applied only to the flat area. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me on 07818 058989.

    Type of stair graphics required:

    Which type of material will work best for your steps?
    Stair graphics are available as self adhesive stickers or rigid panel graphics. Please send an image of the stairs so that we can get an idea of which material option will work best for your flooring. For the sticker option to work the flooring needs to be smooth and free of any bumps, usually a vinyl type flooring. If it looks like the sticker option will work a sample of the material will be sent to test on your flooring prior to producing your graphics.

    Please upload your jpg image(s) of your stairs using the file uploader below. An image is required in order to establish which material will work best for your steps and quote accordingly.

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