Book spine stair graphics for Primary schools

Book spine stair graphics are a great way to display popular book titles around the school to encourage and promote reading, whilst also brightening up stairwells.

These stair graphics are available as ‘sticker/decal’ self adhesive graphics and rigid panels, and fit to the risers on your stairs (stickers work on flat smooth surfaces such as vinyl type flooring, and rigid panels on concrete or bumpy surfaces). 

These graphics are made to your specific design requirements and sizes. The gallery below shows some examples, and will give you an idea of how your stairwell could look. 

As an alternative, you can display times tables, addition, subtraction or division, school values, growth mindset quotes or historic dates on your graphics. This product can be designed to work in any area/department of your school. 

These graphics/panels can despatched to all areas of the UK, and installed by your Site Supervisor.

If you would like a quote for stair graphics for your school please email the following information to

  • Width and height of the graphics/panels required (in mm please)
  • How many steps
  • Which book titles are required
  • Your delivery address

Book Spine Stair Graphics Gallery

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