Times tables stair graphics school signage

Times tables stair graphics are a great way to brighten up stairwells whilst at the same time enabling children to continue learning whilst moving around the school.

Stair graphics are available in both ‘sticker/decal’ type self adhesive graphics and rigid panel formats. The type you will require is determined by your flooring material. 

The self adhesive ‘stickers’ option is suitable for surfaces which are flat and smooth, usually vinyl type flooring (not concrete). If your stairs are concrete or the surface is not particularly smooth, rigid panels are required. Please note that the ‘sticker option’ is a little more difficult to install, so please discuss installation with your Site Supervisor before ordering this option. A sample of the ‘sticker’ option can be sent to you to test on your flooring to help you decide which option works best.

These graphics are designed to your specific requirements. You can choose to have all steps the same colour, blocks of colour for each times table, or alternating colours for each step. Depending on the width of your steps, you can display one or two multiplications on each. Alternatively, you can choose to display addition, subtraction, division, fractions, quotes, historic dates, book spines or school values on your graphics instead of times tables. Examples of various styles are shown below. 

These graphics/panels can be produced and despatched to all areas of the UK, and they can be installed by your Site Supervisor.

If you would like a quote for times tables stair graphics for your school please email the following information to karen@blocksdesign.co.uk

  • Width and height of the graphics/panels required (please see below for tips for measuring your steps)
  • How many steps
  • Colour preferences
  • Which times tables are required
  • Your delivery address (so a delivery cost can be calculated)

Tips for measuring your steps:

  • When I have measured stairs in the past I have found that not all steps are the same size, more so in older schools. Therefore, it is a good idea to measure a few steps just to be sure. If you are getting different sizes, it is best to measure all steps.
  • Allow a little bit of ‘wiggle room’ with your measurements. For example, if the width of the step is 1200mm, then have the graphic at 1190mm.
  • If the flooring forms a curve at the bottom of each step please measure to just above the curve so that the graphics are being applied to the flat area.

Times Tables Stair Graphics Gallery

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