promote reading

Promote reading signage

With Ofsted now having an even bigger focus on reading, this promote reading signage is designed to help promote reading around the school, showing children what reading can do for them, and giving them reasons and encouragement to read.

Four sets available, with three signs per set. The Why read option shows children three things they will be able to do if they can read. The When you read set aims to spark the children’s imagination. The If you can read signs shows what careers the children could have. The reading quotes signs feature some well know quotes which promote reading.

Three sizes options to suit your space.
is a great size for classrooms and smaller spaces.
450x600mm size is suitable for larger classrooms, corridors, stairwells, libraries, reception and playgrounds.
750x1000mm works well in corridors, stairwells, halls, libraries, reception and playgrounds.

Two material options.
Indoor –
5mm rigid plastic.
Outdoor – 5mm rigid plastic is also suitable for outdoors (it’s what a lot of online companies sell you for outdoor signs), however the 3mm aluminium composite material is more durable, and our suggested material for outdoor signage.

All signs are laminated to provide extra protection, have rounded corners, screw holes are pre-drilled, and white plastic screw caps are supplied. (screws/wall plugs not included).

Promote reading signage for primary school children - Why read?
Why read? set of 3 signs
Promote reading signage for primary school age children
When you read set of 3 signs
Promote reading signage for primary school age children
If you can read set of 3 signs
Promote reading signage for primary school age children
Reading quotes set of 3 signs

Prices shown below are for each set of three signs in the various sizes available, and for both indoor and outdoor material options. Delivery costs will vary from £12 to £25 depending on the size and number of sets ordered, and the area of delivery. Your delivery cost will be confirmed when you order.

£ per set of 3 signs300x400mm450x600mm750x1000mm
Indoor signs£45+vat£70+vat£150+vat
Outdoor signs£60+vat£100+vat£200+vat

To place an order simply complete the form below, stating which set of signs are required, size, how many sets, and which material option. Alternatively, you can email your requirements to

A final price for your signs will be emailed to you for your approval before the order is produced. An invoice will be emailed to you when your order has been despatched, and this will be due for payment within 14 days of the invoice date.

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