Transform your walls in halls, corridors and classrooms with bespoke signage.

School wall signs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, using various materials. They are designed bespoke for your school, to fit your space, and work for your school.

Silhouette shape signs of children playing, dancing and jumping work really well in large areas such as school halls, they can really make an impact. School Values can be displayed in formal style rectangular shaped signs, or a more fun style shapes such as jigsaws, splats or stars. Inspire children and staff alike with vinyl quotes from famous authors and stars. Transform corridors with wall signage which follows a theme you are creating for the area. 

A few examples of wall signs for schools are shown below, and more can be found in the School sign gallery. If you would like to discuss your signage requirements please call Karen on 07818 058989 or email

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Other types of signs for schools are also available, including values signs, times tables stair graphics and selfie frames. See the links below, and visit our school gallery to view our school signage.

School Values signage for Schools
School Values Signs
Times table multiplication stair graphic signs for schools
Times Tables Stair Graphics
Book spine stair graphics
Book Spine Stair Graphics
Literacy alphabet stair graphics for schools
Literacy Stair Graphics
Term date cards for Schools
Term Date Cards