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Book spine wall graphics for schools

Contact us about Book Spine Wall Graphics

Please complete the details below for a quote for book spine wall graphics.

    Book wall graphics:
    These book spine graphics are produced to bespoke sizes for each school so that they work in the space that you have available. Spine heights range from 800mm to 1900mm to suit your needs. When supplying the wall size below, please provide the full wall size, and advise if you wish to fill all or part of the wall. Spines can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

    Please send me the current book spine design library for:

    Please note:
    These graphics have a strong adhesive tape on the rear. As with sticking anything adhesive to a wall, when removed it is likely to pull the paint off. These graphics work best on smooth painted plaster walls.

    Please upload your jpg image(s) of your wall(s) using the file uploader below.

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