PVC banners
for schools

A cost effective way to display messages or decorate areas of your school. 

PVC banners for schools

PVC banners are a cost effective way to display information at the front of your school, and within your grounds. They can be used to display OFSTED results, school events or other important information for parents and carers. They can also be used as backdrops for school events, and as decoration around the school grounds. They are available in widths up to 5 metres, in sizes to suit your space, and can have a real impact when fitted to a wall to decorate an area.

During the current times of Coronavirus, they can also be used to give information to parents/carers with regards to social distancing, details for dropping off and collecting children, or special instructions for your site. They can also be used to display positive messages for the children to see whilst entering the school, or in the playground.

These banners are classed as temporary signage and if fitted to fences in high wind areas, should be taken down during winds exceeding 30mph. It is a good idea to use bungee cable/ties/cords to fit your banners rather than cable ties as this allows a little flexibility in windy conditions.

Coronavirus Covid-19 pvc banner signage for schools

PVC banner with hem and eyelets

  • Available in various sizes to suit your space.
  • Printed on industry standard banner-grade 440gsm PVC.
  • Printed with fade-proof UV inks..
  • 2000x1000mm banner – £40+vat. Delivery £10.
  • 3000x1000mm banner – £55+vat. Delivery £15.
  • Artwork £10-£15 subject to requirements, or free if having design below.
  • If ordering different size to shown above delivery cost will be confirmed.

Fitting a PVC banner

  • Banners can be fitted to a wall using screws and washers. This is a great way of displaying these type of banners as the wall protects the banner from the wind.
  • Most banners are fitted to fences or railings. This can be done using cable ties, or preferably bungee cables/cords/ties. Cable ties are not flexible, therefore in windy conditions, extra pressure is placed on the eyelet areas. As bungees cords are flexible they will allow a little movement in the wind. As mentioned above, please remember that it is recommended to take banners down in winds exceeding 30mph.
  • Whichever surface you are fitting the banner to, please remember to use fixings in all of the eyelets not just the corners. Using just the corner eyelets will put extra pressure on those areas, which may lead to them breaking.

For Coronavirus Covid-19 PVC banners for schools please click here.

Please email karen@blocksdesign.co.uk or call 07818 058989 to enquire about or order your PVC banner. 

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